CASELogix at a glance

Founded as a custom systems development house in 1994, CASELogix specialises in the Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance of ERP level systems using our in-house developed, Web-based ERP modules as a foundation.

From Legacy to Web Technologies

We specialise in bringing your legacy systems into the new age.

Fully Featured

Our base ERP modules are already fully featured for use and custom development to suite your business, allowing you get off to a great start.


Since we have developed our ERP modules in-house, we have all the skills to make extensive modifictions to not only support your unique business processes, but also to provide you with a competitive advantage.


Feel free to access your ERP system from anywhere in the world - including the beach - or offer you staff work-from-home opportunities.


Not only will you love using our ERP modules, but more importantly so will your customers (yes - that means 'Customer Self-Service' is also included).


Our team is available to implement whatever crazy ideas you are able to come up with.


Your custom ERP system will feel like part of you - magic.

Our projects


Just bought Pet food and/or products?
Probably wholesaled through us using our integrated ERP system developed by Truegrown using CASELogix ERP as a base.

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Our amazing team

Feel free to drop in when your in Christchurch, NZ and say hi to the team.

Greg Rindel

Systems Architect

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About me

Deposed African Prince requiring only a few mill in donation to allow triumphant return and recuperation of vast family fortune stolen after military coup.

In the meantime I've been instrumental in the design, implementation and support of multiple ERP implementations in New Zealand and Africa.

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Michael Engelbrecht

Systems Architect

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About me

Greybeard programmer, server + linux support and a little hardware

Started way back when coding on punchcards -insane, I know :) - then COBOL, dBASE, Clipper, 4GL and now LAMP stack.

Turns out that you can actually teach an old dog new tricks :)

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